Scott is committed to making New Jersey more affordable so that all who want to live here can afford to do so, and no one is forced to leave the leave the only place they ever called home. In the State Senate, Scott will fix the unfair school funding formula and work to eliminate government waste.



Scott believes a quality public education is a fundamental right that all New Jersey children should have access to. He will fight to improve standards, and increase funding for the districts in LD 34, while working to bridge the divide between school districts across the state.


Jobs and the Economy

Scott will promote the districts close proximity to New York City to attract businesses and create jobs and opportunity for district residents. Scott is a firm believer that no one should be left behind and work to increase opportunities for those struggling to find work.


Public Safety

Scott is a strong supporter of law enforcement and will always have their back. Scott supports reinstating cash bail so dangerous criminals stay behind bars and allowing for greater judicial discretion in the administration of bail.


Combatting Anti-Semitism

Cultural and religious differences should not invalidate a student’s right to a quality education. Scott will amend the states Anti-bullying statutes to specifically include Judaism as a protected class, to more adequately protect against the anti-Semitism faced by many LD 34 residents.


Re-opening our Schools

Our students belong in school, not at home staring at computer screens. The Montclair public schools showed their inability to re-open in a timely fashion, leaving their students further behind than those in neighboring districts. Scott will work to implement more uniform re-opening standards to guard against districts so needlessly failing their students.